yante maten #1


Name: Yante Maten

School: Georgia

Season: Junior

ESPN High School Ranking: Unranked (2014)

Birthdate: August 14, 1996 (20)

Birthplace: Pontiac, Michigan


 - Mother Toiya Paige

High School: Bloomfield Hills High School


- 2014 Michigan Gatorade Player of the Year

- Named to the All-State ‘’Dream Team’’ by both the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News after a standout senior season

- Two-time All-State by Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan for Class A in 2013 and 2014 

- Named 2015-16 Second Team All SEC by league coaches

- Named 2015-16 Third Team All SEC by the Associated Press

Twitter: youngmoney__11

Instagram: yandelobro

Height: 6'8

Weight: 240

Injury History: 

- Suffered concussion in January 2015 after being hit by a car - only missed 1 game

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Devout Christian

- Mother said God told him to choose Georgia

- High School Coach Duane Graves - "He doesn’t have a tattoo or a pierced ear. He doesn’t swear. He’s a young man who is down to Earth, and very religious"

Freshman Season Stats: 

- 5 PPG

- 4.3 RPG

- 1.4 BPG

- 42% FG

- 65% FT

Sophomore Season Stats:

- 16.5 PPG

- 8 RPG

- 0.8 APG

- 1.8 BPG

- 50% FG

- 53% 3 (0.2/0.4)

- 78% FT

Junior Season Stats: Through 19 games

- 19.6 PPG

- 7.9 RPG 

- 1.5 APG

- 1.4 BPG

- 0.5 SPG

- 54% FG

- 47% 3

- 72% FT


- 16th in free throw attempts in the NCAA

- 1st in 2 point field goals made and attempted in the SEC in 2016-17 

- 1st in free throw attempts and 2nd in free throws made in the SEC in 2016-17

- 2nd in offensive rebounds in the SEC in 2016-17

- 2nd in points per game in the SEC in 2016-17

- 1st in usage percentage in the SEC in 2016-17

- 2nd in points produced per game in the SEC in 2016-17

Position: PF

Greatest Strength: Post moves and positioning 

Greatest Weakness: Athleticism 

Athleticism: 6

Aggression: 8

Speed: 5

Strength: 8

Lateral Movement: 5

Basketball IQ: 7

Switchability: 6

3 point shooting: 6

Jumpshot: 7

Ability to finish at the rim: 8

Post moves: 8

Handle: 6

Passing: 6

Rebounding: 6

Motor: 6

Touch: 7

Hands: 7

On ball defense: 6

Help defense: 6

Steals: 4

Blocks: 6

Pick and Roll: 

- Effective roller - gets good positioning off the roll and finishes well

- Can pick and pop out to the 3 point line

- Not very quick laterally, but is capable of showing and recovering

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Strong body

- Great finisher in the post

- Good touch

- Has extended his game out to the 3 point line - barely took any his first 2 years, now hits 0.8/1.8 per game

- Aware help defender

- Consistently establishes deep positioning in the post

- Loves to use the bank

- Mediocre post and perimeter defender

- Goes up strong and gets to the line a lot

- Not a great rebounder, he is more focused on scoring

- Has a hitch on his shot - strange release

- Consistently talks and points on defense

- High IQ scorer

Game Analysis: 

Game 1:

- vs. Vanderbilt

- #24 Nolan Cressler

- #11 Jeff Roberson

- #3 Luke Kornet

- Catches under hoop on right, forces way up but misses layin attempt from under the basket

- Catches on right block against the zone, leans into defender and hits layup with right - good body control

- Caught on down screen and too late recovering, gives up layin

- Offensive rebound

- Catches right short corner, drives baseline, hits reverse layin

- Catch and turn hook shot on right block - miss

- Good contest on 3 point shot

- Catches at top of key, jabs right, hits 3 pointer straightaway

- Catch and shoot straightaway 3 - hits again

- Catch and shoot right short corner jumper - miss

- Catches deep on right block, turns and hits high bank shot off the glass

- Catch and shoot miss 3 at left 45 

- Pass around perimeter tipped and almost stolen against zone

- Catches with back to basket on right block, fakes right, spins left and hits bank shot 

- Catches on left short corner, attempts reverse but off balance and misses badly

- Catches on left block, backs down, turns right for hook shot - miss

- Catches on right block, backs down, turns left for hook shot - fouled - FTs 2/2

- Catches at top of key on pop, drives right, goes behind the back, then hesitates and crosses over right and fouled going up, nice move - FTs 1/2

- Catch and shoot right short corner jumper - hits

- Fouled on rebound 1 and 1 - FT 0/1

- Fouled on perimeter 1 and 1 - FTs 2/2

- Block at the hoop in strongside help

NBA Comparison: Brandon Bass

Game 2:

- vs. Florida

- #23 Justin Leon

- #25 Keith Stone

- #13 Kevarrius Hayes

- Catches on left block, turns middle, right hook shot misses

- FTs 1/2

- Good contest on left 45 3 forced miss

- Catches deep in right post turns and lays it in - they run a lot of big to big screens to free him up

- Offensive rebound and tip in 

- Catches on right post, leans into defender, turns middle and fouled on left hook shot - FTs 2/2

- Bad contest fouled 3 point shooter for 3 free throws

- Skip pass stolen in 1-3-1 zone

- Strong post defense not allowing himself to be backed down

- Fouled on catch over the top - FTs 2/2

- Catches on right block deep, turns left and lays it in at rim 

- Travels in left short corner moving before he dribbled

Current Ability: 6.5

Projection as an NBA Player: 7

Projected Draft Spot: 2nd Round

Opinion: Maten is not a great athlete for a Power Forward, but he is a great scorer. Maten is deadly in the post. He tends to catch the ball very deep and finishes really well on either side. Maten has also extended his jumper out to the 3 point line. Maten scores 20 points in only 30 minutes a game. He is not a great rebounder because he cannot jump high. He will have to boxout well at the next level. I think he can be an effective backup Power Forward off the bench in the NBA.