About ME

Contact Info:

Phone Number: 647-985-7721

E-mail: wesbbrown@gmail.com

My name is Wesley Brown. I am a 28 year old Scout for the Texas Legends seeking a Basketball Operations position in the NBA.

I created this website to show my knowledge and dedication towards achieving my goal.

Resume Highlights:

- Began scouting for the Texas Legends in April 2017

- Graduated Bond University Law School in 2013

- Student Lawyer at Sherman, Brown, Dryer, Karol from 2013-14

- University of Toronto Women's Basketball Assistant Coach and Video Coordinator 2014-15 - Using Gamebreaker and Krossover programs

- Completed Level 2 'Train-to-Train' Basketball Coaching program in 2015

- Held various roles at CI Financial, one of Canada's leading Mutual Fund companies, from 2015-16

- Completed TPG's Pro Scout School program at the 2016 Las Vegas Summer League

- Ran the Toronto Half Marathon in 2016

- Microsoft Excel Expert - Completed Microsoft Excel Level 3 Training

- Attended and scouted the 2016 Las Vegas Summer League

- Attended and scouted the 2017 D-League Showcase in Mississauga 

- Featured on the Fan 590 radio station