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Sindarius Thornwell

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Name: Sindarius Thornwell

School: South Carolina

Season: Senior

ESPN High School Ranking: 41 (2013)

Birthdate: November 15, 1994 (22)

Birthplace: Lancaster, South Carolina


- Uncle was his father figure - Dajuan Thornwell - He passed in 2015

- Didn't live together but were together constantly 

- Dajuan taught him how to play basketball

High School: Oak Hill Academy


- 2014 SEC All-Freshman Team

Twitter: Sin_City_803

Instagram: s_thornwell0

Height: 6'5.5 (Numbers taken from 2014 Nike Skills Academy)

Weight: 214

Wingspan: 6'9

Injury History: 

- Tendinitis in his knees

- injected bone marrow into each knee to alleviate the tendinitis - contributed to poor shooting in Sophomore season, but did not miss games because of it

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Coach said he went from a quiet freshman to a senior that wont shut up (re: talking on D)

- Suspended from the team indefinitely for violating athletic department policy - apparently was arrested in May for driving with a suspended license and possession of Marijuana 

Freshman Season Stats: 

- 13.4 PPG

- 4.1 RPG

- 3 APG

- 1.2 SPG

- 0.6 BPG

- 39% FG

- 37% 3

- 74% FT

Sophomore Season Stats: 

- 11.1 PPG

- 4.9 RPG

- 2.2 APG

- 1.3 SPG

- 34% FG

- 27% 3

- 72% FT

Junior Season Stats:

- 13.4 PPG

- 4.8 RPG

- 3.8 APG

- 1.5 SPG

- 0.5 BPG

- 38% FG

- 33% 3

- 76% FT

Senior Season Stats: Through 7 games

- 18.7 PPG

- 6.7 RPG

- 4.1 APG

- 1.3 BPG

- 1.6 SPG

- 48% FG

- 48% 3

- 88% FT


- Currently 1st in win shares in the SEC for 2016-17

- Currently 1st in offensive box plus/minus in the SEC for 2016-17

- Currently 1st in player efficiency rating in the SEC for 2016-17

Position: SG. Could play SF also because of strong body and long arms.

Greatest Strength: Ability to get to the rim + Help defense

Greatest Weakness: Ball defense

Athleticism: 6

Aggression: 8

Speed: 6

Strength: 7

Lateral Movement: 5

Basketball IQ: 8

Switchability: 7

3 point shooting: 6

Jumpshot: 6

Ability to finish at the rim: 8

Post moves: N/A

Handle: 6

Passing: 6

Rebounding: 7

Motor: 6

Touch: 6

Hands: 8

On ball defense: 5

Help defense: 8

Steals: 7

Blocks: 7

Pick and Roll: 

- Thornwell is excellent at turning the corner off of ball screens and getting to the rim - If he doesn't convert, he usually gets fouled

- His primary goal with ball screens is getting to the hoop, but he also has a solid floater and will make the right pass if it is there

- Defensively, he often gets caught in ball screens or trailing the play - the positive is he is a good shot blocker from behind, has long arms, and does not give up on plays

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Good hops

- Very strong aware off-ball defender - talks and points

- Poor on-ball defender - gets blown by too often

- Good attacker, gets to the rim easily

- Patient scorer, doesn't force shots

- Long strides and long arms

Game Analysis: 

- vs. Michigan

- #21 Zak Irvin

- #12 Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman

- #5 D.J. Wilson

- #10 Derrick Walton Jr.

- Helps teammate up immediately

- Very aware off-ball defensively - denying the ball, bumping cutters, moving weakside, head on a swivel

- Catches left, line drive to the hoop, layup with right

- Gets caught ball-watching trying to help deny drive and loses man - recovers well but not fast enough and a little out of control - gives up baseline jumper

- Incredible block - comes from weakside corner and denies right baseline driver 

- Then gets rebound, pushes the ball, draws an extra man, finds shooter in corner for 3

- Good job getting around up-screen to get into man on the catch at left 45 

- Catches, crossover left to right then hesitation, tough drive in limited space, just misses wild left handed bank shot

- Gets beaten in transition - Michigan player got into the lane, caused open 3

- Curls at left 45 handoff, pass to big under hoop gets tipped

- Good closeout at right 45 on shooter - very help conscious

- Catches right 45 curling off screen, puts ball on floor, spins, and hangs floater over defender - hits - dificult shot 

- Blowby at right 45 - defender got straight to rim

- Guarding a big (Wilson) does a bad job of boxing out - Wilson relocated and he continued boxing nobody, gave up offensive board and putback

- Catch at top of key with Wilson on him, puts head down, drives right straight to rim and finishes layin

- Steps into 3 straightaway and hits it - celebrating but then gets right back on D and is talking - defensive leader

- Catch straightaway, drives with left down middle, help defender comes and reaches so he throws it up - missed, no foul called (but he was fouled)

- Does not hustle back on D (maybe tired), but still bodies a man to get the rebound - good strength, body control, and jumping ability

- Forced to guard the 4 but can't fight in the paint well enough

- Catches left 45, drives straight left, spins back right because it wasn't there and puts in layup - good counter - most of his points have come at the rim

- Left 45 crossover, loses ball off defender's foot - turnover

- Catch and shoot left 45 3, follows shot, gets to loose ball, dives - good effort

- Good help contest on shot, forced miss

- Catch and shoot missed 3 right corner

- Talking and pointing on switches in zone defense

- Good trap and steal in short corner - long arms

- Slips left 45 ball screen towards left corner, catches and drives baseline, lays it in on left - again beat man off dribble - smart attacker

- Good job of cutting off lane on left drive - Walton Jr. then used screen to get open, Thornwell caught up in it, but recovered when pass went to roller and blocked shot - that is what he is, a bad on-ball defender but a good help defender

- Offensive rebound, spins, missed bankshot, but is fouled - seems to have a nose for the ball - FTs 2/2

- Quick release on 3 straightaway before zone defender can get to him

- In transition goes right to left, fouled - not quick or fast, but picks his spots and gets where he wants when he wants - FTs 1/2

- Another block on left corner closeout - 3rd block

NBA Comparison: Jonathan Simmons

Current Ability: 6

Projection as an NBA Player: 7

Projected Draft Spot: 2nd Round

Opinion: Thornwell is not a go-to scorer even on South Carolina. This will help him adjust at the next level because he will be able to score even when plays are not run for him. He excels at getting to the hoop and has good feel for the game, but has no elite skills. I think Thornwell is a good 2nd round pick. He is the type of player that could excel in Summer League games because he plays smart and most players tend to force shots. If drafted by the right team, Thornwell could develop into a strong rotation player like Jonathan Simmons has.