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Quinndary Weatherspoon

quinndary weatherspoon #11


Name: Quinndary Weatherspoon

School: Mississippi State

Season: Sophomore

ESPN High School Ranking: Unranked

Birthdate: September 10, 1996 (20)

Birthplace: Canton, Mississippi


- Parents Sharon and Tommie Weatherspoon

- Brother Nick, a 5 star recruit and 33rd ranked prospect in 2017, committed to Mississippi State for 2017-18

High School: Velma Jackson High School


- 2014-15 Named to the American Family All-USA State Team

- 2015-16 SEC All-Freshman Team

- 2015-16 2x SEC Freshman of the Week

Twitter: Iam_Quinn4

Instagram: IamQuinn_11

Height: 6'4

Weight: 205

Injury History: 

- Suffered ligament damage in his left wrist during win over Boise State on November 18th

- Wears a brace on his left wrist because of it

- Only missed 2 games

- Is expected to need surgery in the offseason and could be out up to 6 months

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Speaks with severe southern accent

Freshman Season Stats: 

- 12 PPG

- 4.7 RPG

- 1.4 APG

- 1.4 SPG

- 45% FG

- 39% 3

- 81% FT

Sophomore Season Stats: Through 10 games

- 17.4 PPG

- 4.4 RPG

- 2 APG

- 2.1 SPG

- 46% FG

- 42% 3

- 88% FT


- 2nd in steals per game in the SEC in 2016-17

- 4th in points per game in the SEC in 2016-17

Position: SG/SF

Greatest Strength: 3 point shooting + Steals

Greatest Weakness: Finishing at the rim

Athleticism: 7

Aggression: 6

Speed: 7

Strength: 5

Lateral Movement: 7

Basketball IQ: 6

Switchability: 7

3 point shooting: 8

Jumpshot: 8

Ability to finish at the rim: 5

Post moves: 6

Handle: 6

Passing: 6

Rebounding: 7

Motor: 7

Touch: 7

Hands: 6

On ball defense: 6

Help defense: 8

Steals: 8

Blocks: 5

Pick and Roll: 

- Weatherspoon is great at pulling up off ball screens and hitting

- He can get to the rim using ball screens but typically does not finish well

- Defensively he is a good pick and roll defender and can disrupt plays with his long arms

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Very help conscious

- Really long arms

- Always attacks the offensive glass well

- Great 3 point shooter

- Solid rebounder for a guard

- Good at using screens to get open

- Has trouble finishing at the rim with contact

Game Analysis: 

- vs. Southern Miss

- #22 Quinton Campbell

- #0 Raheem Watts

- Great help defense from weakside to steal entry pass

- Drives in transition with nobody else back, in and out dribble with right then misses right layup - long arms covered a lot of ground, should have made layup

- Gets lost helping in the lane and leaves wide open 3 point shooter in corner

- Catch and shoot right 45 3 deep - hits

- Crossover right to left at left 45 3, drives left way too deep into help baseline and turns it over

- Catch and shoot right 45 3 - hits

- Corner 3 catch, pumps, sidestep and takes 3 near right corner - hits

- Nice lob pass against the zone over the top into the post

- Good ballside help defense to contest 3

- Off UCLA cut, curls and catches near right 3 and hits another 3 - now 4/4

- Uses right ball screen at left 45, big hedges hard, he crosses back over right to left, drives left, misses hanging layup - did good job getting to the rim

- Fouled on the offensive boards - did not get boxed out and followed shot - FTs 2/2

- Turnover driving left from right 45 - help came and stripped him as he was driving

- Good pass off ball screen with late rotation to open 3 point shooter

- Catches at left 45, pumps, drives left into the help and called a block near the hoop - FTs 2/2

NBA Comparison: Jeremy Lamb

Current Ability: 6

Projection as an NBA Player: 6.5

Projected Draft Spot: 2nd Round

Opinion: Weatherspoon does not force shots and plays well within the offense. These are valuable skills as he projects to be a 3 point specialist in the NBA. Weatherspoon is a great 3 point shooter with really long arms that crashes the glass hard. He can get to the rim but has trouble finishing. He is a solid athlete but a very aware help defender. He has the potential to be a solid bench role player in the NBA, but I don't think he has the intelligence to be more than that. He will also need someone to take a chance on him given that he could be out for some of the season after surgery on his left wrist.