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March 6, 2017

- T.J. Leaf should be back for the start of Pac 12 tournament play

- Watching Auburn against Missouri from Saturday. Auburn has some really good athletes. If these guys stay together they will be great

- Man T.J. Dunans looked really good, in addition to Mustapha Heron (which is who I am scouting). Heron tight handle and great shot-POtential!


March 5, 2017

- Wow Zach Collins great help D jumping straight up then after turnover gets back FAST in transition, what a C prospect. Has it all

- Josh Perkins twisted his ankle last word yet on seriousness of injury. Could be a huge loss.

- Jordan Mathews got crazy hot in the 2nd half yesterday. He is a good defender and good 3 point shooter. Prob a D-League guy

- Dillon Brooks was awesome last night, finishing better than usual at the hoop. He looks ready to lead them into March

- Jordan Bell has some lazy tendencies (doesn't box out) but has really good and strong hands for rebounding, is explosive, and blocks shots



March 4, 2017

- De'Aaron Fox does not like using his right hand

- Robert Williams has been fantastic. He's moving up my big board

- Kornet with deep range...woah

- Really impressive comeback win for Vandy. That may put them in the tourney

- Watched Illinois at Rutgers. Malcolm Hill-great size for a SG, high scoring IQ on offense and a solid shot but no elite qualities

- That being said, I like Malcolm Hill but he is a fringe draft player w/ health issues. Nothing separates him

- Watching SMU vs. Memphis from earlier. SMU shooting is just superb + Moore on the boards. Serious March potential

- I don't know what position Dedric Lawson defends in the NBA. I think he'll get eaten alive

- Sterling Brown had himself a 1st half

- Great shooting so far. Berry starts hot. Great 3 and D backup PG potential

- Man Berry is crazy streaky. 5-5 from deep! This game is ridiculous

- Berry the difference in the game - 27 pts now.


March 2, 2017

- Have to admit Donovan Mitchell has gotten better and better as season has gone on. I think his potential is 6th man but maybe a good one

- After last night's flawless performance, John Collins moves up to No. 11 on my big board. He'd be top 5 in a normal year

- Wow! Step back 3 from Bryant Crawford last night was nasty! Wake Forest got crazy hot from deep

- Huge loss of TJ Leaf for UCLA. Sprained ankle. Bad timing - we'll see how long he's out for

- Ojeleye is 9/9 tonight! 26 pts

- Dedric Lawson on the ground vs. Tulane. Not sure exactly what happened but he is now walking back to the locker. He was having a great game

- Dedric Lawson now back into the game.


March 1, 2017

- Watching Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State from last night. Sites like Mykhailiuk b/c of size, but if you want a real shooter - Matt Thomas


February 28, 2017

- Time to turn on Duke vs. Florida State. Was just watching Hassan Martin of Rhode Island. He impresses every time I watch him 

- Frank Jackson is playing great and Florida State continues to struggle on the road

-Florida State 17-0 at home and 6-6 on road. Can't see them going too far in the tourney

- Kentucky a notoriously slow starting team. You have to wonder how they'll react in a do-or-die tournament situation if they go down 7-0

- Some people see Luke Kornet's 3 point shooting as a positive. I see it as a negative. He settles. Your Senior C shouldn't be shooting 41.5%


February 27, 2017

- Manu Lecomte out with an ankle injury tonight

- Tony Bradley runs the floor so well. He has all the raw tools to become a great NBA C

- Macon has been great today

- What a move by Jevon Carter! His handle is fantastic 

- Josh Jackson covers so much ground on his first step. He has his man beat almost immediately 


February 26, 2017

- Watching Miami vs. Duke from yesterday. Brown hot start. Miami is an Madness sleeper pick. Don't think they'll win but they can upset anyone

- Of course the one Gonzaga game that doesn't properly record they lose. Mind blown! Huge win for BYU, the Lone Peak 3 are for real!

- Nick Emery is the streakiest shooter in the country. Look at his game stats

- Davon Reed is my P.J. Tucker of this year's draft. Guys like this are SO valuable to winning

- Davon Reed's defense on Kennard was fantastic. I don't think he hit a single shot with Reed on him. Reed fights over screens like no other

- Woah Deonte Burton was on fire in the 1st half vs. Baylor. He is crazy quick for his size. I don't know who he'll defend but he's a mismatch

- Incredible that Iowa State won this game considering how badly they got outrebounded. I like Baylor's chances of going deep b/c of that

- Every big game Iowa State has won has been b/c of Deonte Burton - now beaten Baylor + Kansas.


February 25, 2017

- Watching UNC vs. Pitt. Kennedy Meeks is playing spectacular. Strong post moves, good rebounding, nice touch

- Watching Monk from earlier. It's crazy how hot he gets. He's a freshman!

- KeVaughn Allen really impressive shooting today

- Allen is a good 2 way player. His biggest issue is he is a small Shooting Guard

- One thing to point out about Monk is that despite the fact he usually "settles," he has the athleticism to take D off dribble easily

- Wow Trier off to a hot start. That stepback was nasty 

- Holiday has been great. I like him more than Jawun Evans. Holiday better athlete and shooter. These Evans-CP3 comparisons I hear are strange

- Watching Kansas state vs. Oklahoma from earlier. Iwundu is a great passer


February 24, 2017

- Problem with Lonzo Ball at the moment is he doesn't beat his man and get to the rim often. He has athleticism to do it, only matter of time

- Derrick White was extremely impressive yesterday vs. Utah. Showed whole offensive arsenal


February 11, 2017

- Collins is beating Yurtseven down the floor every play and just cut backdoor for his 3rd dunk of the game 2 mins in

- Good D but bad offense by NC State. Dennis Smith needs to be more aggressive. He had lane if he denied screen and went baseline

- Crawford has been great today. When he's hitting he's really tough to stop.

- Watching Duke vs. Clemson now. Not sure why websites think Blossomgame is an NBA player. Has the athleticism but not the skills

- Watching Dazon Ingram against Kentucky. He really favours his right on drives, makes him predictable

- Monk with a nice block on the drive. But his lack of WINGSPAN is going to stop him from being great (sarcasm)

- Taped Miami vs. Louisville. Haven't seen anyone pick apart Louisville's defense like this. Miami is really good

- Man Deng Adel has been hot lately. Playing within himself. Maybe someone takes a chance on him in 2nd round. Good length

- Donovan Mitchells shooting consistency has really improved. He takes better shots now. I still think hes positionless + lacks an elite skill

- Newton showing a lot of fight. He is more of a 2 in a 1's body, but he can score at any level

- Kennard's offensive IQ and shooting on full display in 2nd half today. Understands counters better than anyone in NCAA

- Great plays early by Andrew Jones - baseline drive and dish for Allen floater and drive in transition

- Davon Dillard is a crazy athlete...what a dunk!


February 8, 2017

- Dennis Smith Jr. really struggling against Florida State. They are doubling him on the catch. He has had some great and horrible games. I have seen enough great that I think he warrant a top 5 pick

- Strong start for Jonathan Isaac, hitting his first 3 shots. He is engaged after only scoring 2 points in their last game


February 5, 2017

- Justin Jackson (Maryland) has NBA starting PF potential. Really long, good athlete, can shoot from 3. Will take time for him to develop


February 4, 2017

- Cal insists on feeding Bam but he just doesn't have the post moves, touch, skill to finish, even when he catches really deep

Deonte Burton unbelievable shotmaking in the 2nd half. I don't know what he is but I would 100% give him a 2nd round look.

- Collins and Okogie have been incredible here late. Okogie is a relentless attacker. Collins great feel and athleticism around the basket

- Lammers huge block and great body control. Meanwhile Okogie in transition. He always finds a way to score easy baskets

- I am a huge Davon Reed fan. He will be a valuable 3 and D player in the NBA

- Look at the athleticism by V.J. King! Crazy quick and great body control attacking the hoop, will be elite finisher

- Really smart quick pass right back to Henderson against the perimeter of the zone by Dennis Smith

- Huge 3 by Biggie Swanigan. Projecting him is so difficult. Can't wait to see how he fits as an NBA player

- Giles looks good. Starting to get comfortable

- Justin Jackson continues his hot shooting by hitting his first 3. He is crazy long


February 1, 2017

- Metu injured and helped off the court. Appeared to be in a lot of pain

Andrew Jones has been awesome again. 8 points (2 3's) 6 assists. He has the athleticism and the floor game

- Smith has been fantastic tonight. I have to ignore the injury and put him ahead of Fultz. He is a winning player who does what his team needs (scoring or passing)


January 31, 2017

- John Collins puts up 18 in the 2nd half to get the W

- Watching Wake Forest vs. Boston College now. Hot start for John Collins 2 buckets on first 2 possessions

- Monk finishes with 37. He won Kentucky the game. What an incredible scorer

- Malik Monk has now hit 5 3's in a row. He has practically 5 steals as well. He has been phenomenal on both ends tonight 


January 30, 2017

Gonzaga is rightfully #1 now. I think they can win it all. Great shooting, good D, rim protectors, unselfish, deep, good mix of youth + experience

- Edmond Sumner has suffered a torn ACL in his left knee and will miss the rest of the season. Tough break for Sumner and Xavier. Sumner already had trouble shooting because of an injury to his left shoulder. This will severely hurt his draft stock


January 29, 2017

- Bridges has been awesome today. Showing us a bit of everything. Whether he's a 3 or a 4 doesn't matter. He will be great


January 28, 2017

- Andrew Jones with a huge 3! I love him. I think he's gonna be an NBA star


January 26, 2017

- Fultz was actually outplayed by Shannon Evans, who is only 6'1 160 lbs. Evans finished athletically at the hoop and hit a number of 3s 

- I watched Fultz last night vs. Arizona State. At this point in the season, I don't think he is the 1st pick. His numbers are nice and so are his measurements but he coasts through games. Part of that is he's listed as a PG but starts every possession by passing the ball off and then he never gets it back. The ball should be in his hands every possession. Until scoring late he made almost no impact on the game. Fultz could end up being the best player from this class, but I am much more comfortable taking Monk or Ball who I think have a higher floor and ceiling


January 25, 2017

- Okogie is a mystery. He draws so many fouls because of his long arms. He is a sneaky athlete. I have a weird feeling he'll be great in NBA

- Jalen Adams looks great. He is a great athlete and very good passer. I think he is a borderline 1st rounder


January 24, 2017

- And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I have Miles Bridges in my top 5. Could become the best PF in the NBA

- John Collins has looked great against Syracuse and is embarrassing Lydon on the boards. 6 offensive rebounds already

- Thornwell had another huge game. Despite his legal issues, he is a really good and smart player. I see him getting a chance in Summer League


January 23, 2017

- Smith Jr. showed his superstar potential tonight. He moves up to #4 on my board. Only reason I'd take Fultz over him is I worry about injury

- Andrew Jones may be my favourite player in the draft. What a shot. He is an animal on D and explosive getting to the hoop like DWade. STAR


January 17, 2017

- Michael Young suffered a fractured orbital bone last week. After shooting a few bricks early he is back on track. He is a college matchup nightmare


January 16, 2017

- Mo Watson Jr. down w/ a knee injury for Creighton. Haven't been able to watch them yet. I guess TV stations didn't expect them to be good


January 14, 2017

- Andrew Jones is an athletic freak

- Jarrett Allan looks really good. He runs the floor insanely fast and competes on the offensive end. He wants the ball - potential lottery pick

- V.J. Beachem did literally 0 today against Virginia Tech. I don't understand why other draft websites think he is an NBA player

- Another impressive game by Joel Berry against Florida State. If he goes to a young team without a lead guard, perhaps he has starter potential. He is just good at everything

- Duke loses another game to a ranked opponent. They just don't have the inside presence without Amile Jefferson

- K.J. Lawson appears to be a much better athlete than his brother Dedric. Dedric has the numbers, but I think K.J. can be an NBA backup because he is so versatile


January 12, 2017

- Markkanen is just showing off tonight. Back-back-back 3s then later hits a pullup. Crazy potential, has not begun to scratch the surface

- Tony Bradley left UNC's win yesterday with concussion-like symptoms after colliding with Mitoglou. No word yet as to the severity of the injury


January 11, 2017

- Hear me on The Sports Crew NBA Podcast answering NBA fan questions here:


January 7, 2017

- Jordan Woodard, out with an unspecified leg injury, has missed 3 games, all losses for Oklahoma. They will have trouble hanging in today against a really tough Kansas State team without their leading scorer


January 6, 2017

- Back from injury, Abdel Nader dropped 32, 10 and 8 for Maine. I loved him in the Summer League. Will be a much better NBA player than he was a college player


January 5, 2017

- Ivan Rabb with the 3. Nice looking stroke. NBA teams will love that

- Finally saw a glimpse of the real Harry Giles last night. He could play his way back into the top 5 of the draft if he gets healthy and regains confidence


January 3, 2017

- D.J. Hogg another brutal game. Don't like him at all. He is a body without the skills. I think someone will take him and try to mould him

- I wasn't sure if Berry had the punch I saw tonight. I have him ranked kind of low because of lack of potential, but he should be a good backup

- Josh Jackson moves back into my top 4. I don't think he will crack the top 3, but he is showing a high IQ all around game


December 28, 2016

- Happy that Nebraska beat Indiana. Watson and Webster are for real. NBA potential for both

- What an amazing game that was! Oregon beats UCLA on a Dillon Brooks 3 with under a second to go. Could not have happened to a better guy. I hope he gets a chance in the NBA

- Jonathan Isaac has insane athleticism for his size. Moves like a regular wing at 6'10. Can shoot from distance. He will be a project but he has great NBA potential

- Dwayne Bacon seriously lacks effort defensively. But on offense, he seems to be able to get to the hoop whenever he chooses. He is a beast scorer


December 23, 2016

- Jalen Adams suffered a concussion and left eye laceration today. He is going through concussion protocol, and does not require stitches. No word on how long he will be out


December 21, 2016

- Found out that Luke Kennard was offered a scholarship to play QB at Louisville. Crazy

- Tatum is playing great - covers a lot of ground on drives and serious defensive impact. Still don't love his floor game


December 19, 2016

- Giles only played 4 minutes in his debut for Duke, not much can be said about it

- Luke Kennard is on fire again. He is the best shooter in college basketball and will be a good NBA player


December 17, 2016

- While scouting Dedric Lawson, his brother KJ stood out more. KJ is a much better athlete than Dedric. Both brothers are very good passers for their size

- With 47 points against UNC, Malik Monk moves to Number 1 on my draft board

- Don't be fooled by Tyler Lydon's big game. Not NBA material. Doesn't excel at any area of the game, avoids contact, can't beat anyone off the dribble