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Malik Monk

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Name: Malik Monk

School: Kentucky

Season: Freshman

ESPN High School Ranking: 9 (2016)

Birthdate: February 4, 1998 (18)

Birthplace: Bentonville, Arkansas


- Family of athletes - uncle, cousins, etc...all played college basketball and football 

- Father Michael is a carpenter

- Brother, Marcus Monk, was a superstar basketball and football player

- Marcus was a star receiver at the University of Arkansas and was drafted in the NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears in the 7th round

- Marcus also played for the Arkansas basketball team

High School: Bentonville


- Participated in Nike Global Challenge

- 2016 Mr. Basketball of Arkansas

- 2016 McDonald's All-American

- 2016 McDonald's All-American Game 3 point contest winner and dunk contest runner-up

- 2016 Jordan Brand Classic

- Week 2 SEC Freshman of the week

Twitter: AhmadMonk

Instagram: Ahmad_Monk

Height: 6'3

Weight: 197

Wingspan: 6'3.5

Standing Reach: 8'3

No Step Vert: 36.5

Max Vert: 42

Injury History: 

- Minor hand injury vs. Michigan State - came back into game and played well

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Wants to be a superstar - follow in Westbrook's footsteps

- Quirky - loves animal planet - switched number to 5 because that is day God created animals

Freshman Season Stats: Through 21 games

- 21.7 PPG

- 2.5 RPG

- 2.3 APG

- 1.1 SPG

- 50% FG

- 40% 3

- 83% FT


- 4th in offensive box plus/minus in the NCAA

- 19th in points per game in the NCAA

- 16th in field goals made in the NCAA

- 1st in 3-point field goals in the SEC in 2016-17 (25)

- 3rd in points per game and effective field goal percentage in the SEC in 2016-17

Position: SG

Greatest Strength: Athleticism + Quickness + Shooting

Greatest Weakness: None

Athleticism: 9

Aggression: 7

Speed: 9

Strength: 6

Lateral Movement: 9

Basketball IQ: 7

Switchability: 6

3 point shooting: 8

Jumpshot: 8

Ability to finish at the rim: 8

Post moves: 7

Handle: 7

Passing: 6

Rebounding: 6

Motor: 9

Touch: 8

Hands: 8

On ball defense: 8

Help defense: 6

Steals: 7

Blocks: 6

Pick and Roll: 

- Offensively, Monk uses screens as the ball handler only to score

- He has a very quick release to get his shot off or the athleticism to get to the hoop

- Defensively, he has long quick strides to get around screens

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Very quick and long first step with the ball

- Does a great job chasing shooters around screens, and also guarding ball screens - thin and long

- Knockdown 3 point shooter with no conscience

- Does not have the chance to handle the ball, so the potential is there to play PG - at Kentucky he is just a scorer

- Elite lateral movement defensively

Game Analysis: 

- vs. Michigan State

- #20 Matt McQuaid

- #14 Eron Harris 

- Pump on left 45, beat defender, went left towards baseline and missed short jumper - very quick and long steps

- Good job of getting low on defense and into his man

- Poor defense on Harris, backs off from jab and gives open jumper

- Gets down floor quickly after Michigan State bucket - Fox pushes ahead to Monk in transition - one dribble, pullup 3 hits at right 45

- Exact same play 2 possessions later - one dribble 3 at right 45 hits again

- Doing superb job fighting around screens - very mobile and quick - great job closing on McQuaid who is a shooter

- Another catch and shoot 3 on leftr 45 - VERY quick release - hits again

- Uses slender build to his advantage so that he can wiggle around screens and stay with man

- Misses catch and shoot 3 in transition (in and out) - still a good look

- Does not force shots even though he is hot - made extra pass to more open man twice in a row on perimeter

- 2 turnovers in a row - just over-excited moving before dribbling

- Insane burst of speed - Left 45, drives left, pullup short corner and drains it - very long strides again like Barbosa

- Short on left 45 3

- Catch and shoot 3 at right 45 in rhythm - 4th 3 of 1st half

- Short on another 3

- So quick he can always get open whether off screen or creating with dribble

- Good drive, cut off, found shooter in the corner

- Misses pullup from deep 2 with time running out - again can always get shot off

- Great defense - fought around screen, trailed, recovered and altered midrange jumper 

- Backdown, misses turnaround J midrange

NBA Comparison: Klay Thompson

Current Ability: 7

Projection as an NBA Player: 9

Projected Draft Spot: Top 5

Opinion: Incredible potential because of his combination of athleticism, ability to create his own shot off the dribble, and shoot the 3. There is no downside in drafting Monk as at worst he will be able to defend and knockdown 3s. Will likely be a star and maybe even a superstar.