josh okogie #5


Name: Josh Okogie

School: Georgia Tech

Season: Freshman

ESPN High School Ranking: Unranked

Birthdate: September 1, 1998 (18)


- Born in Lagos, Nigeria

- Grew up in Snelville, Georgia, U.S.A.


- Parents are Pius and Anthonia Okogie

High School: Shiloh High School


- 4x ACC Rookie of the Week

Twitter: CallMe_NonStop

Instagram: CallMe_NonStop

Height: 6'4

Weight: 207

Injury History: N/A

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Good piano player

- Played AAU with Harry Giles

- Says his best skill is defense - says he gives 100% on D always

- Looking to improve 3 point shooting - hitting the open shot

- Says he works out 2-3 times everyday

- Hungry - Wakes up at 5:30 am everyday, at L.A. Fitness early in the morning

Freshman Season Stats: Through 8 games

- 15.3 PPG

- 4.3 RPG

- 1.5 APG

- 1.1 SPG

- 0.6 BPG

- 41% FG

- 33% 3

- 68% FT


- 3rd in turnover percentage and free throw attempts in the ACC in 2016-17

Position: SG

Greatest Strength: Scoring

Greatest Weakness: 3 point shooting

Athleticism: 7

Aggression: 7

Speed: 7

Strength: 6

Lateral Movement: 7

Basketball IQ: 6

Switchability: 6

3 point shooting: 6

Jumpshot: 7

Ability to finish at the rim: 7

Post moves: N/A

Handle: 7

Passing: 6

Rebounding: 6

Motor: 7

Touch: 6

Hands: 7

On ball defense: 8

Help defense: 7

Steals: 7

Blocks: 6

Pick and Roll: 

- Good at attacking the hoop off ball screens

- Good defender with really long arms - can stick with guards and affect shots 

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Forces a lot offensively - needs to be more aware of help defenders

- Big hands

- Long wingspan

- Inconsistent scorer - has scored as few as 5 and as many as 38 in a game

- Potential - scored 38 vs. Tulane

Game Analysis: 

- vs. Penn State

- #10 Tony Carr

- #0 Payton Banks

- Catches on right block in the post, spins middle and is blocked 

- Good closeout on left 45 3 - long arms

- Catch left 45, pumps, one dribble pullup jumper - miss

- Forces a tough bounce pass ahead of the play through traffic in transition - turnover

- Catch at top of the key, drives right, doesn't beat man, hangs and banks shot - miss

- Catches right corner, very quick dribble baseline, leans towards middle and misses another bank shot

- One dribble in from left perimeter, pumps, up and under forced shot at end of shot clock - miss

- Gets rebound in transition, drives with left and tries to layin awkwardly with right to draw foul - missed layup

- Catches in transition near half, dribbles into right 45 pullup jumper - hits - bad shot still

- Catch and shoot right corner 3 - blocked

- Catch and shoot 3 left corner - hits

- Turnover - Catches right 3 near corner, drives middle into help, stripped

- Catches at left 45 3 in transition, in out dribble, drives left, beats his man but gets swatted going up with his right - should have used left

- Catch and shoot right corner 3 in transiton

- Catches right 45, jabs left, drives right into the help, missed bank floater, got own offensive rebound (great jump) and missed easy put-back again in mid-air

- In right corner notices man turns his back, fakes to come to the ball then cuts backdoor for a slam

- Catches in transition at right 45 3, right to left dribble, midrange floater - fouled - FTs 1/2

- Catch and shoot left corner 3 - miss

- Fantastic defense on line drive left to stay infront of man, contest fading floater attempt and force a miss

- Right 45 drives left (long strides), tries to finish with the right but blocked

- Catches at right 45 in transition, takes straight line drive to hoop, help comes from middle and blocks him again

- Catches on left block, quick spin and bank shot - hits

NBA Comparison: Victor Oladipo

Current Ability: 6.5

Projection as an NBA Player: 8

Projected Draft Spot: 1st Round

Opinion: Okogie is a very good athlete with long arms, big hands and a natural ability to get to the rim. We have seen flashes of what he can do as a scorer, but he needs to improve his outside shooting and decision-making. Okogie is also a good rebounder if he commits himself. He is a freshman, so he has plenty of time to improve. He has the potential to be a really good NBA player, but needs time to develop. He is worth taking a shot on because I think he can be a good starter in the NBA.