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Josh Jackson

josh jackson #11


Name: Josh Jackson

School: Kansas

Season: Freshman

ESPN High School Ranking: 2 (2016)

Birthdate: February 10, 1997 (19)

Birthplace: San Diego, California


- High School Coach, cousin (and best friend), and father all passed within 3.5 years

- Played basketball with mom and chess with dad

- Mom pushed him, emphasized grades

High School: 

- Prolific Prep Academy

- Consortium College Prep School (Fr. And So.)

- Justin-Siena High School (Jr. and Sr.)

- Member of National Honor Society


- 2016 McDonald's All-American  

- 2016 McDonald's All-American Game Co-MVP 

- 2016 Nike Hoop Summit 

Twitter: j_josh11

Instagram: josh_j11

Height: 6'7.75 (Numbers taken from 2016 Nike Hoop Summit)

Weight: 203

Wingspan: 6'9.75

Standing Reach: 8'3

Injury History: N/A

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Enjoys playing Chess

- Thinker

- Polite

- Mature

- Parents raised him well

- Described by Bill Self as a "very deep thinker, ridiculously bright and articulate"

- Extremely competitive - challenged anyone to 1-on-1, dunk contests etc…

- Despite his talent and IQ, does not appear arrogant (like Jaylen Brown)

- Gained 20 lbs in offseason 

Freshman Season Stats: Through 21 games

- 15.7 PPG

- 6.7 RPG

- 3.1 APG

- 1.6 SPG

- 1.2 BPG

- 50% FG

- 33% 3

- 55% FT


- 3rd in field goal percentage and free throw attempts in the Big 12 in 2016-17

Position: SF

Greatest Strength: Athleticism

Greatest Weakness: Perimeter shooting

Athleticism: 8

Aggression: 8

Speed: 8

Strength: 8

Lateral Movement: 8

Basketball IQ: 6

Switchability: 8

3 point shooting: 5

Jumpshot: 5

Ability to finish at the rim: 7

Post moves: 8

Handle: 6

Passing: 6

Rebounding: 7

Motor: 8

Touch: 6

Hands: 7

On ball defense: 8

Help defense: 8

Steals: 8

Blocks: 7

Pick and Roll: 

- Very hard to guard as the roller

- Turns the corner well off ball screens - hard to stop once he gains momentum

- Defensively, can fight around screens and recover with long strides

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Dribbles with head up, looks for outlet pass and makes accurate pass when available

- Extremely quick with the ball getting to the hoop and can elevate

- Streaky shooter - can get hot, but seriously needs to improve jumpshot and 3 pointer

- Ultra-competitive, looks to instigate 

- Freak athlete but not fluid basketball player

- Lacks skills and IQ to become an elite NBA player

Game Analysis: 

Game 1:

- vs. Indiana 

- #3 OG Anunoby 

- #1 James Blackmon Jr. 

- Great awareness to double man trapped and unaware in short corner - forces a jump ball turnover

- Very aware help defender does great job of coming weakside and stealing ball

- Head up in transition, moved ball ahead for dunk

- Next possession again stunts man beside him from driving - got infront with body no reach

- Good stunt again but lack of communication as to who was rotating where and gave up 3

- Cut off only exit pass when Indiana player went baseline and helped cause turnover

- Nice one dribble spin move midrange straight-away missed jumper

- Head up good feed inside to Bragg who had great positioning for layup - Always looking to get it inside where mismatch available

- Fast and long step in transition, good use of body to shield ball and to beat defender and finish at rim.

- Bridges clearly a better athlete

- Lack of communication on defense, thought they were switching but other Kansas player stayed and left wide open lane to rim

- Very impressive play set screen, pinned his man, rolled properly so he shielded his man, got the entry, caused help to rotate and found shooter in the corner with a great pass

- Misses layup on fast break. Doesnt appear to have elite athleticim. Does not move in long freakish strides

- Good job filling lane in transition spotting up at 3 point line where there is space and knocking it down. His shot is a little unorthodox

- Forces a deep pullup and airballs it - Nerves or is his shot inconsistent?

- Forces another deep pullup...terrible shot selection. Tough shots. Got good lift on his jumpshot though

- Good pass on ball screen noticed both defenders watching him and hit roller

- Caught ball-watching, got lost and his man cut and hit a floater

- Not the elite level athlete he was made out to be (tier below Wiggins and Bridges)

- Jackson good job of crashing boards

- Good bounce and quick first jump to get offensive board among 5 guys - Missed another easy close shot though

- He has missed several easy chip shots...that is usually a sign that the player doesnt have the elite athleticis he is touted to have

Game 2:

- vs. Duke

- #13 Matt Jones

- #21 Amile Jefferson

- #5 Luke Kennard

- #15 Frank Jackson

- Uses size advantage on Jones immediately - catches on right block, turns, and banks in floater - quick, decisive move

- Great job of fighting around screen and recovering by getting his body infront of the defender

- Good weakside help at the rim, but leaves his man wide open for a 3 - does as good of a job as he can closing out under control, still gives up 3

- Catch and shoot right side 3 - miss

- Catch and quick drive right, beat Jones easily - very quick with the ball

- Too help conscious - Jackson consistently leaves his man and is too help conscious which gives up clear openings elsewhere

- Athletic drive right to left dribble, hangs in the lane and misses bank shot but draws foul - FTs 0/2 (bricked 2nd)

- Long strides - will be great coming off screens in the NBA if he can learn to stroke the 3  

- Pullup at FT line bricked

- incredible job at pinning man after setting ball screen - gets offensive rebound after missed shot and gets fouled going up - FTs 0/2

- Quick right to left move in left corner, drives baseline and finishes reverse layin

- Purposely runs into Duke player after hitting shot - likes going to war

- Doesn't talk on defense - he is way too help conscious and does not talk to teammates to help him out - leaves shooter Kennard wide open

- Good physical defense played by moving feet to deny the Kennard drive

- Hesitation then drive left, covered a lot of ground in one dribble

- Great instincts on perimeter - gets steal in the passing lane at top of the key and dunks

- Gets in the lane again, gets deflection, almost causes turnover - he closes the distance very fast

- Catch at the 3 point line, left to right crossover, beat Allen and floated it in - athletic move - the change of direction dribble/crossover is his go-to move

- Drive left and draws foul - again very quick with the ball - 3rd possession in a row he put the ball on the deck and beat his man

- Gets rebound and goes end-to-end to hit tough bankshot - right to left change of direction again - he is bouncy, covers lots of ground with his dribbles, and is a good finisher by rising above defenders

- Great potential because he can always beat his man with the ball and hang above defenders

- Catch and one-dribble pullup 3, nails it - he was difference in game by creating this separation

- Catch and pump at 3 point line, one dribble then pullip jumper, hits it, now he cannot miss - maybe he just needs the confidence

NBA Comparison: Gerald Wallace

Current Ability: 7

Projection as an NBA Player: 8.5

Projected Draft Spot: Top 5

Opinion: The problem with drafting Kansas players is that Bill Self does not feature them in his offense. I think Jackson is a great athlete, but not the level of freak Andrew Wiggins was. Nevertheless, I think Jackson has better feel for the game than Wiggins. Jackson will probably go top 5. I prefer drafting someone with a better stroke, but I don't think there is much risk in taking Jackson, especially with his level of competitiveness. If he fixes his shot he should be a star if not superstar.