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Josh Hart

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Name: Josh Hart

School: Villanova

Season: Senior

ESPN High School Ranking: 92 (2013)

Birthdate: March 6, 1995 (21)

Birthplace: Silver Spring, Maryland


- Raised by parents Moses (chef) and Pat Hart (waitress)

- Has 2 siblings - Joseph and Aimee

- Father taught him at a young age to always compete for the team

- Learned hard work from his father, who had to work from 5 am until 10 pm

- Family house burned down while he was on a Boy scout trip

High School: Sidwell Friends School (Washington, DC)


- 2015 Big East Sixth Man of the Year 

- 2015 Big East Tournament Most Outstanding Player 

- 2016 First Team All-Big East 

- 2016 Third Team All-American 

- 2016 NCAA Champion

Twitter: JoshHart_3

Instagram: JoshHart_3

Height: 6'5.5

Weight: 204

Wingspan: 6'8.5

Standing Reach: 8'3.5

No Step Vert: 29.5

Max Vert: 38.5

Body Fat %: 5.8

Injury History: In walking boot on left foot in September, 2015 - injury unknown and did not miss any games

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Jay Wright says he runs no plays for Hart, he creates opportunities off his defense and instincts (which was obvious in the game vs. Lafayette)

- Poor grades in High School but got tutor and worked 4-6 hours a day the following year to succeed

- Boy Scouts of America's highest rank, Eagle Scout

- John Thompson III - He plays as hard as anyone in college basketball

- Pulled out of 2016 NBA Draft and will graduate Villanova

Freshman Season Stats: 

- 7.8 PPG

- 4.4 RPG

- 0.9 APG

- 0.6 SPG

- 50% FG

Sophomore Season Stats:

- 10.1 PPG

- 4.5 RPG

- 1.5 APG

- 1.1 SPG

- 51.5% FG

- 46.4% 3

Junior Season Stats:

- 15.5 PPG

- 6.8 RPG

- 1.9 APG

- 1.2 SPG

- 51% FG

- 36% 3

- 75% FT

Senior Season Stats: Through 9 games

- 17.6 PPG

- 6.7 RPG

- 3.8 APG

- 1.3 SPG

- 55% FG

- 44% 3

- 70% FT


- 15th in player efficiency rating in the NCAA

- 16th in offensive rating in the NCAA

- 2nd in offensive win shares in the NCAA

- 1st in total win shares in the NCAA

- 3rd in win shares per 40 minutes in the NCAA

- 1st in offensive box plus/minus in the NCAA

- 3rd in box plus/minus in the NCAA

- 1st in effective field goal percentage in the Big East in 2015-16

- 1st in win shares in the Big East in 2015-16 and 2016-17

- 1st in offensive box plus/minus in the Big East in 2016-17

Position: SG

Greatest Strength: Winner

Greatest Weakness: N/A

Athleticism: 7

Aggression: 8

Speed: 7

Strength: 8

Lateral Movement: 7

Basketball IQ: 8

Switchability: 7

3 point shooting: 6

Jumpshot: 6

Ability to finish at the rim: 8

Post moves: 6

Handle: 7

Passing: 6

Rebounding: 7

Motor: 8

Touch: 5

Hands: 7

On ball defense: 7

Help defense: 

Steals: 8

Blocks: 5

Pick and Roll: 

- Hart is a great pick-and-roll scorer offensively

- Using ball screens Hart is very effective at getting to the rim and finishing with contact over bigger defenders on the right side

- Defensively, Hart is great at fighting over screens, and is also capable of going under screens and recovering

- If switched onto bigs, Hart has a strong base to avoid being bullied, but is obviously too short to contest 

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Doesn't force shots or plays - lets game come to him

- Slasher - Very strong attacking basket on right side, never goes left

- Great body strength to draw fouls and finish at hoop

- Also uses his body well to protect the ball on drives from shotblockers and have a shot at getting an and-1

- Defensive instincts - gets steals off ball and a great weakside help defender with his body (does not reach)

- Maybe too predictable on offense - Will need to improve his left drives and shooting to excel at the NBA level, but has the potential to be a good role player

Game Analysis: 

Game 1:

- vs. Lafayette

- Missed a 3, but knew it was short and followed

- Good spacing on the following possession - had another good look but attacked out of principle because he just missed

- VERY active and aware defensively and help conscious - head always on a swivel, ready to help on the weak side at all times

- Great job on help of moving his body to get infront of man rather than reaching and getting called for a foul

- Instincts for steals - saw guard looking inside and came from weakside to steal ball out of the air on entry pass

- Great upper body strength finishing at the rim - Defender went straight up and he still finished with contact.

- Another time he turned the corner off a ball screen and dunked on a defender - Good athleticism

- He was meant to be a basketball player, always under control

- Waits for opportunity - Had good look at a 3 without momentum and early in shot clock in game and passed it up - ended up getting ball back and finished - he was cutoff going left so he span back right and layed it in

- Loves spinning right - Has done it 3-4 times throughout game - Go-to move

- Always high-fiving teammates and patting on bum - Good teammate

- Picked up stupid foul only 7 mins into game - over-the-back on offensive boards - Need to be more aware as he is key to team

- Elite anticipation on press to get steal - jumped very high to grab ball - impressive hops

- Head always up to move the ball ahead

- Fails to box out consistently

- Unselfish and makes the extra pass

- Potential to be a great role player as he is sound on both ends, unselfish, can shoot, attack, and is a good teammate.

- Hart may not be the best athlete, but he is a very good basketball athlete, capable of switching directions quickly and absorbing contact on drives

Game 2:

- vs. Purdue

- #31 Dakota Mathias

- Knocks down a 3 off the catch from the right 45

- Noticed man ball-watching, cut hard, attacked Haas the shot-blocker and got fouled - FTs 1/2

- Pump fake on close-out at 3 point line, strong right line-drive, created contact with Haas again, banked in shot and got fouled - FT 0/1 (brick)

- Nice in and out dribble which created drive - missed layup, but drew defender and teammate got putback

- Skies for def, dribbles end-to-end, spin move to the right and layin 

- Aware - drives right, help comes and doubles him, dribbles out and passes out of it to open man

- Reacharound steal on the 3/4 press - like Iguodala

- Splits defense with left hand off ball screen, picks it up with right and finishes with right - foul called on the floor, penalty FTs 0/1 - another missed FT, clearly needs to improve stroke

- Next possession, exact same move left to right push ahead, gather and goes up with right and drew foul - great job of creating contact and drawing foul again 

- Again - dribbles down middle with left, switches to right, gathers, and lays it in with right - about 5th time he has done this move - he only finishes with/on right

- Missed 3 - not a natural stroke

- Missed layup, but attacked defender and took him out of the play with his body which allowed teammate following up to get the offensive board and lay it in

- Defender reached, penalty - FTs 2/2

- Denies ball screen as they were trying to deny middle, drove left, switches to right again, and lays it in with right on right side

- In transition, good long step on right after catch to beat defender and then finish with contact again on right - FT 1/1

- Good pass over the top of the defender on the pick-and-roll for easy layin that teammate missed

- Very help conscious when the ball moves to the weak side - always in position with his body

- Uses screen to weave into lane and bricks short jumper - shot needs work

- Next possession bricked another fadeaway short jumper on the left post

- Another drive, starts with left, tried to spin right butgot caught and jump ball called

NBA Comparison: Avery Bradley

Current Ability: 7

Projection as an NBA Player: 7.5

Projected Draft Spot: 2nd Round

Opinion: Hart should find a rotation spot because he is a winner that always plays hard. He has the potential to be a star role player because of his ability to get to the rim and defend both on and off ball at a high level. If he improves his 3 point shot he could become a glue-guy starter.