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Johnathan Motley

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Name: Johnathan Motley

School: Baylor

Season: Junior

ESPN High School Ranking: Unranked

Birthdate: May 4, 1995 (21)

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Family: Grew up with single mom and older sister

High School: North Shore High School


- 2015-16 All Big 12 Third-Team

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: MoneyMot5

Height: 6'9.5

Weight: 232

Wingspan: 7'3.5

Standing Reach: 9'3 (2015 Baylor measurement - probably higher now)

No Step Vert: N/A

Max Vert: 36

Body Fat %: 6.6

Injury History: N/A

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Sister got him started in basketball at about 10

- Describes himself as quiet, fun to be around, and hardworking

- Says he needs to work on his jumpshot to be more consistent

- Acknowledges this year he has to be a more vocal leader than he has been in the past 

- Redshirted in his first year at Baylor

Freshman Season Stats: 

- 7.7 PPG

- 4.2 RPG

- 1.4 BPG

- 42% FG

- 63% FT

Sophomore Season Stats:

- 11.1 PPG

- 5.1 RPG

- 1.1 BPG

- 0.5 SPG

- 61% FG

- 61% FT

Junior Season Stats: Through 8 games

- 16.3 PPG

- 8.1 RPG

- 2 APG

- 0.9 BPG

- 50% FG

- 40% 3

- 78% FT


- 3rd in player efficiency rating in the Big 12 in 2015-16

- 3rd in points per game in the Big 12 in 2016-17

Position: PF

Greatest Strength: Body

Greatest Weakness: Coordination

Athleticism: 8

Aggression: 6

Speed: 7

Strength: 6

Lateral Movement: 6

Basketball IQ: 5

Switchability: 8

3 point shooting: 5

Jumpshot: 6

Ability to finish at the rim: 6

Post moves: 5

Handle: 4

Passing: 5

Rebounding: 7

Motor: 7

Touch: 4

Hands: 7

On ball defense: 7

Help defense: 7

Steals: 6

Blocks: 7

Pick and Roll: 

- Motley phyisically is a strong roller that can get to his spots and beat defenders to the rim

- Seems to always find a way to the hoop rolling, and very good at getting fouled by backing man down or spin-move - hardly ever finishes though - terrible touch around the rim

- Capable of showing and recovering, but can also switch onto a lot of guards and stay with them - covers a lot of ground with his size

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Man-child - body like Bobby Portis

- Very poor coordination - appears to make basketball moves in slow motion at times and has bad touch

- Can bully smaller defenders in the post

- No perimeter game, poor handle, but could guard 3s-5s 

- Not a fluid basketball player

- Does a good job positioning himself on the offensive boards and getting tip-ins/putbacks

Game Analysis: 

- vs. VCU

- #13 Malik Crowfield

- #20 Jordan Burgess

- #10 Jonathan Williams

- Baylor plays 1-3-1 zone

- Fronting him, they send Lual-Acuil Jr. away from hoop, catches over the top pass and dunks

- Back to hoop on left block, turns centre, puts up floater and misses - could have fought for better positioning

- Man-child - body/athleticism like Bobby Portis

- Terrible job of getting caught on ball screen, just tries to box out the roller and not get around screen to contest the shot

- Motley can cover a lot of space along baseline as the post 1

- Good strongside help defense to block right 45 line drive (even though whistle blown)

- Offensive rebound off missed FT - gets through

- Doesn't box but gets impressive strong rebound with one handed - far reach

- Fouled establishing post positioning, penalty - FTs 2/2

- Misses right short corner jumper - settles

- Fouled establishing post positioning - FTs 1/2

- Stripped deep in the post trying to back man down

- Catches right 45 faced up, pump, drive and bank shot, misses but defender doesn't box out, tips in own rebound

- Good post positioning on right block, misses floater, gets offensive rebound and finishes

- Catches high post, pumps, spin move, easy 2 foot shot over defender - bullied

- Good contest on Alie-Cox got all ball on right drive layup attempt

- Catches left 45, pumps, drives left baseline, cut off, fades for missed jumper - not smooth at all

- Good looking stroke from the FT line

- Good post defense twice in a row on Hamdy-Mohamed - stays straight up, doesn't bit, keeps hands high and then boxes and gets rebound

NBA Comparison: Luc Richard Mbah A Moute

Current Ability: 6.5

Projection as an NBA Player: 7

Projected Draft Spot: Early 2nd Round

Opinion: Typical 2nd round pick. Motley has some basketball skills, athleticism, and length to be an NBA player. Physically, I love what I see, but his coordination is severely lacking. He has great hands to gather passes, but has horrible touch to finish post opportunities. He will have serious trouble scoring in the NBA if he doesn't improve his midrange shooting.