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The Monday Morning Scouting Report is a scouting service which aims to assist basketball teams to better understand prospects both on and off the court. The focus will be on NCAA prospects, considering 78% of players drafted in the last 3 seasons were college players. Each Report will include in-depth Scouting on 4 players, with 2 games of analysis per player, personal information, accomplishments, stats, analytics, injuries, an assessment of their skills, an NBA projection, and overall thoughts on each player. I have attached a Sample Scouting Report on Lonnie Walker.


Why Subscribe?

The Report will help diversify your decision-making by providing a unique perspective on each prospect. My unique scouting philosophy is guided upon 6 principles, which focus primarily on star potential and subsequently on athletic high ceiling players with definable NBA skills.

I also perform comprehensive research into each player’s upbringing to make life easier for basketball executives. I make the calls to coaches at every level of the player’s development (High School, AAU, College), watch their interviews, and read into their past. You will feel confident that no further research is required on any prospect included in the Report.


How much does the subscription cost?

Standard Package: $400 US/month

3 Month Package: $1,050 US ($350/month)

6 Month Package: $1,800 US ($300/month)

With your subscription you will be granted a login to, where you can find rankings of the players scouted in your Reports, as well as a database of the Reports themselves.

I am available 9:00 am-9:00 pm EST via cell or e-mail to discuss prospects, rankings, or hear your feedback on the Report.