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De'Aaron Fox

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Name: De'Aaron Fox

School: Kentucky

Season: Freshman

ESPN High School Ranking: 6 (2016)

Birthdate: December 20, 1997 (almost 19)

Birthplace: Lancaster, South Carolina


- Parents and brother helped him make decision to attend Kentucky - all are present in his life

- Ultra competitive - grew up competing with older brother

- Close High-School friend Seth Barnett, who suffered from Cerebral Palsy, passed away in April 2016 - was a die-hard Kentucky fan and sat in on Fox's meeting with Calipari

High School: Cypress Lakes High School


- 2016 Texas Mr. Basketball

- 2016 McDonald's All-American

- 2016 Jordan Brand Classic

- 2016 Nike Hoop Summit

- Week 1 SEC Freshman of the week

Twitter: Swipathef0x

Instagram: swipathefox

Height: 6'3.25

Weight: 185

Wingspan: 6'4.5

Standing Reach: 8'3

No Step Vert: 34.5

Max Vert: 38

Injury History: N/A       

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Spoke to earlier Kentucky PGs - mature and ready to accept criticism

- Doesn't feel pressure of being the next great Kentucky PG

Freshman Season Stats: Through 21 games

- 15.9 PPG

- 5.7 APG

- 4.4 RPG

- 1.6 SPG

- 48% FG

- 17% 3

- 70% FT


- 2nd in win shares and defensive win shares in the SEC in 2016-17
- 1st in assists in the SEC in 2016-17

Position: PG

Greatest Strength: Athleticism + Passing

Greatest Weakness: 3 point shooting

Athleticism: 9

Aggression: 8

Speed: 9

Strength: 7

Lateral Movement: 8

Basketball IQ: 8

Switchability: 5

3 point shooting: 5

Jumpshot: 7

Ability to finish at the rim: 9

Post moves: N/A

Handle: 8

Passing: 9

Rebounding: 7

Motor: 9

Touch: 8

Hands: 8

On ball defense: 7

Help defense: 6

Steals: 9

Blocks: 5

Pick and Roll: 

- Great pick-and-roll player offensively

- Once he has a step he can finish extremely well at the rim

- Also very aware passer and finds open shooters when he gets in the lane

- So quick that he can beat the help to the rim and finish

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- High-level athlete

- Elite passer

- Elite finisher at the hoop - more of a scorer than John Wall

- Good mid-range shooter and FT shooter

- Poor 3 point shooter

- His FT shooting is a sign that his shot is not broken and can improve from all areas of the floor

Game Analysis: 

- vs. Canisius

- Malik johnson #1

- Martin Dixon-Green #3

- Good fake denying the middle ball screen, then drive left and finished with layup - Explosive speed

- Very thin

- Lazy off ball standing still/walking

- Out of control drive on fast break right into the help and called for charge

- Impressive drive right down 45 but misses floater with left - Shouldve gone up with right

- Quick lateral movement on defense

- Lefty

- Catch and shoot 3, had to turn body and square up straight-away, bricked shot - Bad shot

- Does a good job of talking and pointing on D, as Kentucky does a lot of switching

- Gets ball in transition and takes it coast-to-coast right to the rim for a left handed layup - clearly likes to go left but incredible speed and took 2 steps from 3 point line to finish - Covers great distance very fast

- Good drive left until help comes and then under control kicks it out to open 3 point shooter

- Misses good look at a left side 3 - Canisius is packing paint and forcing them to hit shots

- Another missed wide open 3 off a good extra pass to him 

- Drives middle bullies man and forces foul

- Hits both free throws - shot looked good - Release is a little left, still more of a push but can shoot and has potential to improve greatly if he raises shot and releases more towards the middle

- A little too switch-happy - Switches almost everything, not sure if he can fight through screens because of his lack of size 

- Has an easy 'zing' on his passes, gets them to destination quickly

- Great running floor in transition without ball and then finishing with contact on left side - Has not gone right at all, but finishes very well on left side either contorting or with contact

- Natural passer - Head up, great on point on time alley-oop to Malik Monk - Perfect pass, he does it with ease

- Splits the D and then floats a soft lob in for Adebayo alley-oop - His touch on passes is incredible like a QB - knows when to loft it in there and when to zing it

- Great in out dribble then pulls up midrange and drains the jumper - Shot looked good

- Game based on passing and athleticism, much like John Wall

- End-to-end again gets rebound, goes left, takes contact and finishes bank with the left - Again great strength and athleticism, but only goes left

NBA Comparison: Rajon Rondo/Tony Parker

Current Ability: 6.5

Projection as an NBA Player: 8.5

Projected Draft Spot: Top 5

Opinion: Fox is an athletic freak. He can score like a superstar SG and pass like a star PG. He is a poor 3 point shooter but a good midrange and FT shooter. He has the ability to average 20 PPG and 10 APG. I actually like Fox more than John Wall because he is a much more natural scorer. He should become a star in the NBA and maybe even a superstar.