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Caleb Swanigan

CALEB swanigan #50


Name: Caleb Swanigan

School: Purdue

Season: Sophomore

ESPN High School Ranking: 9 (2015)

Birthdate: April 18, 1997 (19)

Birthplace: Fort Wayne, Indiana


- Very rough upbringing

- Dad was a crack cocaine addict once accused of murder and mom lived on food stamps and welfare cheques

- Dad abused mom

- At 14 he was living in a homeless shelter in Utah

- Adopted by Roosevelt Barnes, a sports agent

- Roosevelt enforced a strict diet

- Birth father died at 500 lbs in 2013

High School: Homestead High School


- 2014 Gold Medal for Team USA at FIBA U17 World Championships 

- 2015 Gold Medal for Team USA at FIBA U19 World Championships

- 2015 Indiana Mr. Basketball 

- 2015 Gatorade All-American 

- 2015 McDonald's All-American 

Twitter: Biggs_Swanigan

Instagram: CalebSwanigan50

Height: 6'8.5

Weight: 247

Wingspan: 7'3.5

Standing Reach: 8'11

No Step Vert: 26

Max Vert: 29

Body Fat %: 12.6

Injury History: Right ankle injury in Freshman season - sat for one game

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- In 8th grade was 6'2, 360 lbs

- Lost 100 lbs - still has more to go because he is pretty big - that type of work ethic shows his commitment

- Entered name in 2016 NBA Draft, but decided to return to college on last day to pull out

Freshman Season Stats: 

- 10.2 PPG

- 8.3 RPG

- 1.8 APG

- 0.2 BPG

- 46% FG

- 71% FT

Sophomore Season Stats: Through 8 Games

- 17.5 PPG

- 11.5 RPG

- 3.5 APG

- 0.3 BPG

- 60% FG

- 64% 3

- 74% FT


- 1st in defensive rebounds in the NCAA

- 2nd in total rebounds in the NCAA

- 1st in total rebounds per game in the NCAA

- 3rd in defensive rebound percentage in the NCAA

- 3rd in total rebound percentage in the NCAA

- 8th in defensive win shares in the NCAA

- 14th in total win shares in the NCAA

- 18th in win shares per 40 minutes in the NCAA

- 1st in total defensive rebounds, defensive rebound percentage, and total rebounds per game in the Big Ten in 2015-16

- 1st in win shares in the Big Ten in 2016-17

Position: PF

Greatest Strength: Post moves

Greatest Weakness: Weight + Lateral mobility 

Athleticism: 5

Aggression: 8

Speed: 4

Strength: 9

Lateral Movement: 3

Basketball IQ: 7

Switchability: 4

3 point shooting: 7

Jumpshot: 6

Ability to finish at the rim: 8

Post moves: 8

Handle: 6

Passing: 7

Rebounding: 8

Motor: 5

Touch: 7

Hands: 8

On ball defense: 5

Help defense: 4

Steals: 3

Blocks: 4

Pick and Roll: 

- Offensively, Swanigan can bully smaller defenders if he can force the switch as the roller

- He can also pick-and-pop effectively, and stretch his shot out to the 3 point line

- Defensively, Swanigan will have serious problems guarding the pick-and-roll

- If his man is the screener, he will have to stay flat and give up uncontested shots as a switch or show will drag him too far away and leave an open path to the rim

- He is also not a shot blocker so if the guard gets in the lane they will still probably be able to finish with him there

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Great post positioning and offensive moves around the basket

- Has stretched shot out to 3 point line, and can make it consistently - versatile offensive skillset

- Brings the ball down too often in the post - positive is he never loses it because he is so strong

- Will be a liability on defense as he is not a shot-blocker, and too thick/slow to guard modern 4's, especially in the pick-and-roll

- Strong

- Offensive awareness - willing and capable passer, aware of double teams

Game Analysis: 

- vs. Kansas

- #4 Eric Paschall

- #45 Darryl Reynolds

- Immediately notice how thick Swanigan is

- Caught deep in post, gathered, and finished a layup even with the double team there - brought ball down

- Can run floor well for his size

- Guarded a 3 point shot on the perimeter - will not be able to do that in NBA though

- Catch and shoot 3 on left 45 - make 

- Weakside help, got dunked on - not a 5 defensively but possible his coach needs him out there so he is told not to foul

- Consistent great positioning - always presenting a target with his hand/s of where he wants the ball and relocating to get open  

- Takes what defender gives him (deep post positioning or over-the-top pass)

- Teammate dove for ball that went out of bounds and he did not run to help him up

- Allowed catch too deep on defense and kept hands straight up, did not try and block shot

- Vicious on the offensive boards - got offensive board off a missed layup by teammate. Brought ball down again, but strong enough not to get stripped then go up and get fouled - will have to learn not to bring the ball down, but his strength allows him to maintain possession and go up without losing it - FTs 0/2

- Good weakside help presenting his body rather than reaching, and once shot went up strong boxout - can push big out with his size

- Next possession failed to boxout on defensive boards and picked up stupid foul - 2nd foul

- With ball on perimeter head is consistently up and aware - can make skip passes as well

- Caught on left block, bullied defender and layed up with left

- Incredible post move - caught deep, turned middle, hopstep and layin with right - beat his man to the middle, offensive skills most NBA bigs don't have

- When playing C he was put in pick and roll and gave up open jumper - will have trouble in NBA and probably have to stay flat otherwise clear lane to hoop for guards

- Again catches very deep and simply turns and lays it in with 3 defenders in the post

- Does great job of holding after the catch in the post waiting for teammates to clear out - then made on-time pass to cutter for a layin

- Next possession again a pass to cutter faced up on the block for a layin

- Offensive rebound and putback - brought it down again, but always manages to go up strong and not get stripped and finish/get fouled

- Pick-and-pop 3 - 2/2 now on 3's

- Fouled in penalty - 2/2 FTs - has a good sustainable stroke

- Great high-low feed to Isaac Haas

NBA Comparison: Worse Zach Randolph

Current Ability: 6.5

Projection as an NBA Player: 7

Projected Draft Spot: 2nd Round

Opinion: Swanigan has great strength and finishing ability around the hoop. His lack of shot blocking and perimeter defense makes it hard to imagine him as a starter in the NBA. Nevertheless, if he can continue to lose weight and improve his mobility, it is possible he becomes a very productive bench post scorer in the NBA. Because of his defensive deficiencies, I would not be interested in taking a chance on Swanigan until late in the 1st Round.