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Bruce Brown

Bruce brown #11


Name: Bruce Brown

School: Miami

Season: Freshman

ESPN High School Ranking: 26 (2016)

Birthdate: August 15, 1996 (20)

Birthplace: Wakefield, Massachusetts


- Cousin Jalen Adams plays for UCONN  

- Parents Roberta and Bruce Brown

High School: Vermont Academy (Prep School)


- 2016 Jordan Brand Classic  

- Won 2016 2016 New England Prep School Basketball Class AA State Tournament and was named Tournament MVP  

- ACC Freshman of the Week after scoring 25 vs. Duke

Twitter: BruceBrown11

Instagram: BruceBrown11

Height: 6'5

Weight: 190

Wingspan: 6'9

Injury History: N/A

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Says he is used to playing in big games from AAU, so these games are no big deal to him - says he plays the same way every game  

- Played his best games in wins over Duke and North Carolina scoring 25 and 30 respectively  

- Uncle Edward Dillard passed away on Dec 6, 2016 and Brown scored a triple double that game

Freshman Season Stats: Through 29 games

- 11.9 PPG

- 5.9 RPG

- 3.4 APG

- 1.5 SPG

- 0.6 BPG

- 45% FG

- 35% 3

- 74% FT


- 6th in defensive win shares in the ACC in 2016-17  

- 7th in defensive box plus/minus, steals per game and steal percentage in the ACC in 2016-17  

Position: PG/SG

Greatest Strength: Attacking the rim and finishing

Greatest Weakness: Experience

Athleticism: 8

Aggression: 8

Speed: 8

Strength: 7

Lateral Movement: 7

Basketball IQ: 6

Switchability: 7

3 point shooting: 6

Jumpshot: 6

Ability to finish at the rim: 8

Post moves: N/A

Handle: 6

Passing: 6

Rebounding: 7

Motor: 8

Touch: 7

Hands: 7

On ball defense: 7

Help defense: 8

Steals: 8

Blocks: 7

Pick and Roll: 

- Great at attacking the rim using ball screens - shortens the distance between his man with one step and then beats them

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Elite rim attacker and finisher  

- Very quick first step  

- Very long arms  

- Likes to layup with wrong hand rather than protecting ball

- Solid 3 point shooter but hangs hat on his ability to drive  

- Plays some PG but is not a natural PG/distributor 

Game Analysis: 

Game 1

- vs. Boston College

- Smart extra pass to reed for right corner 3  

- Misses straightaway 3  

- Impressive defensive rebound one handed  

- Athletic finish for layup in transition took off early finished under control at hoop  

- Line drive right and finishes at hoop above the help defender - quick first step  

- Good closeout coming from weak side post help to closeout under control on shooter 

- Left to right crossover missed layup at hoop  

- Very good attacker - catches left corner jabs right drives baseline, fouled going up by help - FTs 0/2  

- Drives left from right 45 tries difficult layup w right on left side - fouled. Fts 1/2  

- Left ball screen from right 45 pulls up from 3 - hits  

- Gets in transition spins finishes at rim and fouled - tough strong finisher at the hoop  

- Very strong body control for a freshman

Game 2

- vs. Duke

- #5 Luke Kennard  

- #13 Matt Jones  

- #15 Frank Jackson  

- #21 Amile Jefferson  

- #0 Jayson Tatum

- Crossover left to right and finished with left layup at hoop - athletic finish  

- Drives right in transition, waits for defender to go by and hits up and under layup  

- Allows Kennard blowby in zone at top of key - gave up floater  

- Pullup 3 straightaway - hits  

- Roller slipped ball screen, good pass for floater opportunity in lane by Brown  

- Drives right hits bank shot in lane  

- Dragged pivot foot on drive left - good D by Amile Jefferson  

- Blocked on drive right attempting left handed layup - likes to layup w/ left on right side 

- Runs floor gets offensive rebound in transition and gets layup  

- Beaten by Kennard on hesitation and gave up floater  

- Drive left, draws defender, spins right and hits layup  

- Blocked Kennard right short corner pullup jumper  

- Drive right around Jones, finished w/ layup right  - Drives left in transition, misses left handed layup  

- Gets steal off strong side help and dunks in transition  

- Blocks Kennard jumper, runs floor and misses easy layup in transition  

- Pullup straightaway 3 - miss  

- Pullup deep right corner jumper near end of shot clock - miss  

- Layup in transition running the floor  

- Quick backdoor cut to beat Tatum and get dunk  

- Quick crossover right to left but rejected at rim trying to layup with right on left  

- Drives left, fouled by help on drive - FTs 2/2

NBA Comparison: Norman Powell

Current Ability: 6

Projection as an NBA Player: 7-7.5

Projected Draft Spot: Late 1st-Early 2nd Round

Opinion: Bruce Brown is an attacker that can knock down the 3 at a solid rate. He plays some PG for Miami but is not a natural PG. Brown is a good on ball defender and excellent in help. He gets a lot of steals and blocks in help defense as he is a good athlete with a long wingspan. I think Brown will have to play the SG in the NBA. Brown has a lot of mediocre games, but has shown flashes of brilliance against great competition. I think Brown is a solid early 2nd round pick as at worst he should become a good 2 way backup SG in the NBA.