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Braxton Key

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Name: Braxton Key

School: Alabama

Season: Freshman

ESPN High School Ranking: 33 (2016)

Birthdate: February 14, 1997 (almost 20)

Birthplace: Charlotte, North Carolina

High School:

- Oak Hill Academy

- Christ Presbyterian Academy


- 2x Class AA Mr. Basketball for Tennessee (State Player of the Year)

- Won National Championship at Oak Hill

- Named Most Outstanding Player in DICK's National Tournament

- 2014 NBPA Top 100 Camp Invite

Twitter: btwice_11

Instagram: btwice_25

Height: 6'8

Weight: 225

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Has worked on strength and shot to prepare for college basketball

- Appears to have chosen Alabama because of Avery Johnson - thinks he will help and prepare him for the NBA

- Real name is Blackwell, but he goes by Braxton

Freshman Season Stats: Through 19 games

- 11.5 PPG

- 5.8 RPG

- 2.1 APG

- 0.6 BPG

- 0.7 SPG

- 46% FG

- 38% 3

- 61% FT


- 5th most turnovers in the SEC in 2016-17 (51 in 19 games)

- 7th in defensive rating in the SEC in 2016-17

Position: SF/PF

Greatest Strength: Shooting + Versatility 

Greatest Weakness: Ball handling

Athleticism: 6

Aggression: 7

Speed: 6

Strength: 7

Lateral Movement: 5

Basketball IQ: 6

Switchability: 6

3 point shooting: 7

Jumpshot: 7

Ability to finish at the rim: 7

Post moves: 6

Handle: 3

Passing: 5

Rebounding: 7

Motor: 6

Touch: 7

Hands: 7

On ball defense: 5

Help defense: 6

Steals: 6

Blocks: 6

Pick and Roll: 

- Key gets caught on ball screens too often and never recovers - gives up open jumpers

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Very bad handle on the ball

- Plays very under control - sound player all around but turns the ball over too much, which will improve over time

- Scores within the offense, doesn't force shots

- Good arc on his jumper

- Lacks explosiveness

- Slow feet on both ends - not a good defender

- Mediocre athlete

Game Analysis: 

- vs. Georgia

- #30 J.J. Frazier

- #2 Jordan Harris

- #3 Juwan Parker

 - They switch a lot

- Catches pass under net running baseline, misses layup attempt but gets own rebound and tips it back in

- Turnover - dribbes right from left 45 trying to get into zone and loses ball

- Catch and shoot right corner 3 wide open - miss

- Catches high post in zone, pumps, drives left and lays it in

- Catches in left corner, pumps, drives baseline and finishes over help with a bank floater

- Cut into middle of zone from left corner, catches and dunks - bad defense

- Good pass - drives middle finds open shooter right corner

- Offensive rebound - good body control

- Catches in left corner, jabs right, drives baseline, misses reverse layup on right side

- Clearout from right 45, drives left, cradles ball with right, fouled as he's taking floater - FTs 2/2

- Caught on ball screen at left 45 and beaten on drive left

- Catch and shoot 3 from right 45 - hits

- Technical FTs 2/2

- Stripped on the catch from right 45

- Drives in transition, blocked on layup attempt

- Drive right, spins left and loses ball at top of key - bad handle

- Catch and shoot 3 from left 45 - hits

- Catches on left block, backs down, spins right but slips and travels

- Drives left from right 45, loses it off knee (called off Georgia but it was really off him)

- Bad pass to cutter over the top - tipped and turned over

NBA Comparison: Trevor Booker

Current Ability: 6

Projection as an NBA Player: 6.5-7

Projected Draft Spot: 2nd Round

Opinion: Key has a solid versatile NBA body but he is a mediocre athlete. Key lacks the ball handling and explosiveness to play in the NBA next year. If he decides to enter the draft, I think he is a good late 2nd round pick that can spend at least a year developing in the D-League. I think it would be best if he stays at Alabama for another year so they can expand his role and we can see what he can really do.