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B.J. Johnson III

b.j. johnson iii #20


Name: B.J. Johnson III


- Syracuse 2013-15

- La Salle 2015-17

Season: Junior

ESPN High School Ranking: 82 (2013)

Birthdate: January 12, 1995 (21)

Birthplace: Ardmore, Pennsylvania


- Father Bob played basketball for La Salle

High School: Lower Merion High School


- 2012-13 Pennsylvanie Class AAAA State Title

- Named First Team Class AAAA All-State

Twitter: Bean_J20I

Instagram: Bean.J20

Height: 6'7

Weight: 200

Injury History:

Wears tape on right wrist - injury unknown

- Missed February 4, 2017 game vs. George Mason with an unknown foot injury

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Left Syracuse for La Salle to be an impact player

Freshman Season Stats: 

- 1.4 PPG

- 0.9 RPG

- 25% FG

- 13% 3

Sophomore Season Stats:

- 4.2 PPG

- 3.2 RPG

- 0.5 APG

- 0.6 SPG

- 31% FG

- 26% 3

- 72% FT

Junior Season Stats (after redshirting for a year): Through 8 games

- 18 PPG

- 6 RPG

- 1.5 APG

- 0.8 BPG

- 0.6 SPG

- 52% FG

- 46% 3

- 88% FT


- 2nd in field goal percentage, effective field goal percentage and 3-point field goal percentage in the A-10 in 2016-17

- 4th in free throw percentage and true shooting percentage in the A-10 in 2016-17

Position: SG/SF

Greatest Strength: Shooting

Greatest Weakness: Age

Athleticism: 7

Aggression: 7

Speed: 7

Strength: 6

Lateral Movement: 7

Basketball IQ: 8

Switchability: 7

3 point shooting: 8

Jumpshot: 8

Ability to finish at the rim: 8

Post moves: 6

Handle: 7

Passing: 6

Rebounding: 6

Motor: 7

Touch: 8

Hands: 6

On ball defense: 7

Help defense: 7

Steals: 6

Blocks: 6

Pick and Roll: 

- Johnson is a good pick and roll defender - he finds ways to get around the screen and uses his long arms to prevent jumpshot opportunities

- Offensively, Johnson is primarily a scorer using ball screens - he is deadly pulling up off screens and very quick at attacking the hoop

- Always under control and capable of gettingt where he wants

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Lefty

- Long arms

- Takes very long strides

- Bouncy

- Good finisher

- Great shooter

- Smooth player

- Loves to go behind back 

- Very quick first step

- Good hesitation and fakes

Game Analysis: 

- vs. Georgetown

- #23 Rodney Pryor

- #2 Jonathan Mulmore

- #4 Jagan Mosely

- NBA Move - on left 3 point line dribbles left, behind the back to right, hopstep in the lane and finishes left handed layup with outreached arm, and 1 - FT 0/1

- Catch and shoot 3 top of key, wide open after La Salle broke the press - hits

- Left corner 3 - miss

- Catches on cut from right 45 and runs over big - offensive foul

- Catch at right 45 3, pumps, one dribble pullup misses - tough leaning shot

- Catch at right 45, drives right, behind back, hesitation, floats it in with left and 1 - FT 0/1

- Catch and shoot left 45 3 off Stokes penetration - hits - clean stroke

- Catches at left 45, dribbles left, behind the back right, pumps trying to draw foul, then stripped when defender didn't jump

- Good man defense on Pryor drive to stay infront of him - misses boxout to finish play

- Catches isolation at top of key, drives right, beats man off one dribble and finds big with positioning on left block for a layin

- Good weakside help with the body

- Misses right corner 3 off offensive rebound

- Catches handoff at top of key, turns corner right, cut off deep, spins back left and goes up between 2 defenders, fouled - FTs 2/2

- Off turnover, dribbles into open left elbow jumper - hits - smooth

- Catch and shoot straightaway 3 - hits

- Misses left corner catch and shoot 3

- Catches short left elbow on flash to the ball, turns and shoots - hits jumper

- Good help on Govan over the top catch to stop dunk - hands straight up

- Chest pass entry into post denied and stolen

- Drives from left 45 right, cut off, turns back left pumps and blocked on floater

Game Analysis

-       February 28, 2018 vs. Dayton – 71-53 win

-       Lefty

-       Catch and shoot straightaway 3 – miss

-       1 dribble pullup 3 straightaway – hits

-       Switched onto roller, gave up inside positioning and Dayton scored layup on over the top feed

-       Plays with a nice rhythm off the pump fake, under control

-       Pullup right 45 jumper in transition – miss, bad shot

-       Catch and shoot left corner 3 – hits

-       Doesn’t try to crash the offensive glass

-       Catch and shoot end of shot clock contested deep left 45 3 – miss

-       Pumps, draws defender on left corner catch, fouled – FTs 2/2 – shot 87% from the FT line on the season

-       Drives right, hits stepback baseline jumper

-       Runs the floor with numbers, catches bounce pass feed and dunks it with left

-       Catches in left short corner, jab steps twice, raises up and hits jumper

-       Misses end of shot clock heave 3 pointer

-       Cuts baseline on ballside, gets bounce pass and dunks it – 16 pts in 1st half

-       Poor communication on off-ball screen, didn’t close out and gave up 3

-       Steps into left 45 3 – hits

-       Catches in 2-on-1 in transition, gets dunk

-       Catches in right corner, drives middle, misses up and under but fouled – FTs 2/2

-       Good timing on block in post after he lost his man cutting backdoor

-       Steal in lane on post feed attempt

-       Weakside corner pass from the lane – turnover

-       Catches ahead in transition, hits throwback jam with right – good coordination and athleticism to finish with off-hand

-       Catches inbound ahead in transition, gets open dunk with left

-       Final Stats – 27 pts, 10/14 fg, 3/6 3 fg, 4/4 ft, 6 reb, 0 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk, 1 to, 0 pf, 39 min


NBA Comparison: Rodney Hood/C.J. Miles

Current Ability: 6.5

Projection as an NBA Player: 7.5

Projected Draft Spot: Undrafted

Opinion: Johnson is an incredibly smooth player. He is a great shooter and gets to the rim well with an assortment of moves and fakes. The defender is always on their heels. He is a natural scorer and has potential to score well at the NBA level as well.

Johnson appears to be a pretty good athlete that is fluid with the ball. He has a really nice left handed stroke, shooting 48.4% from 2 on the season to go along with good size at 6’7. He is a very good 3 point shooter who I think would really benefit from playing with better playmakers so he doesn’t have to force so many 3’s off the dribble (shot 35.9% from 3on 4.9 attempts per game). Johnson plays with a nice rhythm that is under control. He has natural shooter’s footwork on pullups and stepbacks to get his shot off while balanced.

Doesn’t appear to give a consistent effort. For example, had opportunity to get in lane and steal perimeter pass after player was trapped, but he just stood around. Also had multiple opportunities near the rim to crash the offensive glass and he didn’t even try to put a body on anyone

Defensively Johnson was solid in space and fighting over screens. It appeared that when he wanted to, he could be a good aggressive defender, but that wasn’t always the case.