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Ben Lammers

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Ben Lammers

C, Senior, Georgia Tech


-       School: Georgia Tech

-       Season: Senior

-       Age: 22 (Born November 12, 1995)

-       Born in San Antonio, Texas

-       Height: 6’10

-       Weight: 234 lbs

-       Instagram: Ben_Lammers

-       Played tight end and defensive end in High School football

-       Likes to study World Wars, go fishing, and play video games

-       Involved in Young Men's Service League in High School, a non-profit organization for mothers and sons to pursue philanthropic endeavours together

-        Added 20 lbs in between Sophomore and Junior seasons


Game Tape

-       December 19, 2017 at Georgia

-       Good shot contest on drive, forced miss

-       Head always on a swivel, aware of ball and man

-       Moves pretty well

-       Catches beyond FT line, squares up, hits jumper – impressive range, shot looked smooth

-       Doesn’t change directions well showing and recovering, but moves pretty well on switches when the G drives

-       Boxing out consistently

-       Out-rebounded on defensive boards, doesn’t have a quick first jump

-       Beaten on quick baseline move, better at blocking shots on back-to-basket moves

-       Good defense contesting Maten hook shot

-       In-and-out catch and shoot extended right elbow jumper

-       Good screen setter

-       Did not shoot the ball well, but clearly a capable jump shooter when his feet are set


Game Tape

-       April 11, 2018 Mike Duman Auto Sales vs. Portsmouth Partnership

-       Lammers hit first short corner jumper off-balance, impressive

-       Pick and pop jumper missed short

-       Dunk on the roll

-       Pick and pop jumper – hits

-        Showed ability to guard switch on ball screen but not recover bac.

-       Good hands to gather bad over the top pass on roll

-       Missed open jumper as the trailer

-       Pick and pop missed straightaway jumper

-       Airballed fadeaway jumper in the post – I’ve seen him miss the same shot badly in game, shouldn’t take it

-       Catch and shoot left elbow jumper – hits

-       Lost ball on roll, stripped

-       Lammers shot is solid, but needs to simplify his game and take smarter shots. He is willing to shoot any time he gets a look at the rim, but he should limit his jumpers to pick-and-pop open looks


Game Tape

-       April 12, 2018 Cherry Bekaert vs. Portsmouth Partnership

-       Lammers never gets to the line and is rarely aggressive in the paint on offense

-       Most of his game now is just catch and shoot jumpers

-       Rebounding and physicality is completely gone, does nothing in the paint

-       Block on ball

-       Guards back to basket post players much better than more athletic bigs, but still has problems allowing deep post positioning

-       Lacks explosion/aggression attacking the rim

-       Lammers game has become dull

-       Missed 2 FTs

-       Doesn’t get to the line enough for a C, usually just gets 2 points for every FG he makes, and they’re jumpers not high percentage looks around the rim – For example, if he goes 4/11, he scores 8 points

-       His FG percentage decreased from his Junior to Senior season as a result of his offense extending away from the basket

-       Seems to be indifferent

-       Just doesn’t have quick instincts

-       Squared up on left block, hit fadeaway jumper that he usually misses



I believe Lammers has gotten worse from his Junior to Senior seasons. He plays with no physicality now, never gets to the line, and is simply a pick-and-pop shooter on the perimeter.

Lammers has showed good post moves and touch but rarely goes there anymore. Despite being a poor athlete, he is a natural basketball player. Lammers shot is pretty impressive, and he has extended it beyond the FT line. I think he will learn to extend it even further to the 3 point line at the next level. Defensively, he is an excellent shot-blocker and rarely gets caught reaching for a block. He has learned to box out well, but has a slow first jump. He does have problems guarding in the post though against stronger players or athletes. While Lammers does have problems changing directions both on-ball and guarding the pick-and-roll, he is pretty agile defending guards on switches and times blocks well in those situations. Lammers is sound on both ends but I think he lacks the physicality or potential to be a draft pick.