ben lammers #44


Name: Ben Lammers


Georgia Tech

Season: Senior

ESPN High School Ranking: Unranked

Birthdate: November 12, 1995 (21)

Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas


- Parents Chris and Linda Lammers

- Brother played soccer at Colorado College

High School: 

- Alamo Heights High School

Accolades: None

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: Ben_Lammers

Height: 6'10

Weight: 227

Wingspan: N/A

Standing Reach: N/A

No Step Vert: N/A

Max Vert: N/A

Body Fat %: N/A

Injury History: Suffered knee injury in Senior season of High School that ended season 

Interviews, Personality, Psychology, Experience: 

- Played tight end and defensive end in High School football

- Likes to study World Wars, go fishing, and play video games

- Involved in Young Men's Service League in High School, a non-profit organization for mothers and sons to pursue philanthropic endeavours together

- Added 20 lbs in between Sophomore and Junior seasons

Freshman Season Stats: 

- 1.2 PPG

- 1.5 RPG

- 43% FG

- 44% FT

Sophomore Season Stats: 

- 3.6 PPG

- 4 RPG

- 1.3 BPG

- 66% FG

- 50% FT

Junior Season Stats:

- 15.7 PPG

- 11.1 RPG

- 1.4 APG

- 4.7 BPG

- 60% FG

- 80% FT


- 3rd in blocks per game in the NCAA

- 19th in block percentage in the NCAA

- 16th in defensive box plus/minus in the NCAA

- 1st in blocks per game and rebounds per game in the ACC in 2016-17

Position: C

Greatest Strength: Shot blocking

Greatest Weakness: Athleticism

Athleticism: 5

Aggression: 7

Speed: 5

Strength: 8

Lateral Movement: 5

Basketball IQ: 8

Switchability: 5

3 point shooting: N/A

Jumpshot: 6

Ability to finish at the rim: 7

Post moves: 8

Handle: 5

Passing: 6

Rebounding: 8

Motor: 5

Touch: 7

Hands: 7

On ball defense: 7

Help defense: 8

Steals: 4

Blocks: 8

Pick and Roll: 

- Slow rolling to the hoop

- Good pick and roll defender because of his shot blocking ability - good timing and sets up drivers for blocks 

Abilities and Areas of Improvement:

- Lumbers - slow running the floor

- Does not box out consistently 

- Aware passer

- Good, wide screen setter

- Great shot blocker and rebounder

Game Analysis: 

vs. Penn State

- #44 Julian Moore

- Catches right block, passer cuts and he finds him with a nice bounce pass for the layin

- Good help defense to deny the drive-side layup and reversal and force a kickout

- Catch and shoot left elbow - miss

- Great offensive rebound among 3 Penn State players

- Playing against 2-3 zone, got ball into high post, Lammers flashed baseline and got a slam

- Aware passing - in zone, kicked out from deep post to wide open shooter at left 45

- Catches deep in left block, help comes from strong-side, good pass back out for Okogie 3

- Good help on middle drive from strong-side corner to block shot

- Catches on left block, quick power dribble and turn middle, blocked, gathers rebound, spins left, up and under with right - miss - he was playing 3-on-1 in the post, but he has very nice post moves

- Sets left ball screen, rolls to left post, catches squares up and hits short jumper - good stroke

- Catches deep in right short corner, very quick turn left baseline and reverse layup with the left - NBA move

- Catches at right elbow, tries to crossover and turns it over

- On switch on guard jumped on pumpfake - bad foul

- Catches on left block, one dribble back down then turns middle and fades for a jumper - miss

- Attack right down lane in transition, Lammers goes straight up to block shot

- Catches in mid-post on right block, turns and hits tough fadeaway - very impressive NBA move

- Another great block in help, went straight up, called for foul but it wasn't

- Catches deep under the hoop after guard drew help, stripped by strong corner help coming over, recovers ball and finishes right reverse layin

- Allowed deep catch in the paint but blocked layup attempt

NBA Comparison: Cole Aldrich

Current Ability: 6

Projection as an NBA Player: 6.5

Projected Draft Spot: 2nd Round

Opinion: Lammers has the potential to be a good backup NBA C. He has good post moves, good touch, and despite being a poor athlete is a natural basketball player. Defensively, he is an excellent shot-blocker and rarely gets caught reaching for a block. He does not box out as often as he should and may simply be a mediocre rebounder in the NBA. Nevertheless, he is sound on both ends.